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Do I need a passport to come to Mexico?
All none mexicans need a pasport to enter Mexico.

Do I need a special visa to come to Mexico?
All north Americans, Europeans, Australians and several other countries don't need a spacial visa. A free tourist visa valid for 6 months will be given when you enter the country. To see if you need a special visa follow this external link which shows all the countries that need a special visa to enter .

When and how do I pay?
We accept payment in cash Mexican Pesos, credit card, Paypal or international bank transfers on your first or second day of stay. There are a number of ATM's in the centre of Tlaquepaque within a short walk of the accommodations. For credit card and pay pal transactions there is an extra fee of 5%.

Do you organise excursions and activities?
Yes, we do. VRG organizes many activities. Several of the activities are published on our website. Every Monday at 1:30 pm there is a presentation of all the activities and temporary events at our office. After the presentation you can sign up for the things you like to do. The office is one block from 'El Refugio' - The Cultural Centre of Tlaquepaque. Here, you can take part in evening classes such as Spanish guitar or art.

Do you have free internet access?
Yes, we have free wireless broadband internet access at all the accommodations that we offer. Moreover, if you have a laptop, you can take advantage of the wireless connection free of charge.

Do you have internet telephony?
Yes, you can make international internet telephone calls at cheap rates.

Can I take my pet with me?
Yes, you can take your pet with you. We have several apartments where you are allowed to have a pet. Please let us know in advance if you want to take your pet. For all accommodations there is a 100 USD deposit if you take your pet with you.

What is the cost of living in Mexico?
The cost of living in Mexico is generally lower than that of European countries and the US. Below is a list of estimated prices in $US dollars:-

  • can of soda - 70c
  • big mac meal - $5.50
  • cinema ticket - $4
  • bus - 40c - 80c
  • cigarettes - $3
  • gasoline - 80c/litre
  • private doctor consultation - $30
  • loaf of bread - $1
  • What is the current exchange rate to the Mexican peso?
    Currently the Mexican Peso is worth approximately the following compared to other major currencies:-

  • 1 US dollar = 15 pesos
  • 1 Euro = 17 pesos
  • 1 Canadian dollar = 12 pesos
  • 1 British pound = 24 pesos

  • Live conversion rates can be tracked at this external link

    What about electrical plug and voltage in Mexico?
    Electrical sockets (outlets) in Mexico (Estados Unidos Mexicanos) are very similar to the electrical outlets found in the United States and Canada, and if your appliance has a North American plug, it's possible that you won't need any adapter at all in order to plug in there. However, there are two potentially very important physical differences that may need to be addressed with an adapter: grounding and/or polarization. If your plug has one or both, and the socket doesn't, then the plug may not physically be able to fit into the socket without an adapter. The voltage in Mexico is 110 volt. Travel plug adapters do not change the voltage,

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